• Q: Can I call and check on my pet during their stay at Sunchaser Kennels?
    A: Yes! Feel free to call anytime during our business hours to check on your pet!

  • Q: Can I bring my pets own food and/or treat?
    A: Yes, we will be happy to feed your pet the food you choose. We just ask that you bring the food labeled with Name (First & Last) in individual bags or container with scoop.

  • Q: Will you administer medications for my pet?
    A: Yes, we will make sure to give your pet all necessary medicine. Please bring medications in individual dosages with instructions with name (first & last) clearly marked.

  • Q: Can I bring my pets bedding?
    A: We prefer to use our bedding for our guest. Our pet guest receive clean bedding everyday. To avoid the confusion of keeping track of extra bedding we ask you to leave your pets home bedding at home.

  • Q: Can I bring a special toy?
    A: Yes, we just ask you clearly mark your pets to with their name (first & last). Our guest sometimes like to share their toys so having names are very helpful! :)

  • Q: Will my pet receive a treat during their reservation?
    A: You are welcome to bring treats for your pet. We also offer special stuffed kong treats that can help keep dogs entertained for hours. In the summer we can serve them frozen for a nice refreshing snack.

  • Q: Will my pet be able to play outside?
    A: Yes! All our guest have the opportunity to be outside in their runs. In addition we do offer 15 minutes of extra playtime (there is a small fee for extra playtime of $6.00).

  • Q: Will my pet be able to play with other dogs during their stay?
    A: Pets from the same family are allowed to stay & play together. We do not encourage playtime with another guest only as a precaution. We would not want any guest to get hurt.

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