The following vaccinations are required for a stay at Sunchasers.
No Vet visits within 10 days of your kennel stay, to help prevent bringing in any germs.
Please email your vaccination records to

Dog Vaccines

  • Rabies - Given at least 10 days prior to planned visits; renewed every 1 to 3 years.

    Rabies is a 100% fatal disease of mammals. Because there is no effective treatment and the disease can also infect humans, vaccination against the rabies virus is required by law in most states. Typically, the rabies vaccine is administered to pets in a separate injection at the same time as the canine distempercombination vaccine. However, the rabies vaccine can also be given alone (at a separate visit) or at the same time as other vaccines (such as the Lyme disease vaccine). Rabies is considered to be a core vaccine for dogs.

  • Influenza - Given at least 10 days prior to planned visits to dog activity and care facilities

    Canine influenza (CI), or dog flu, is a highly contagious respiratory infection of dogs that is caused by an influenza A virus. See FAQ -

  • Distemper - Given at least 10 prior to planned visits; renewed every 1 to 3 years.

    What Is a Canine Distemper/Parvo Vaccination? While commonly called canine distemper vaccination, this vaccine typically protects your pet against more than just distemper. That’s because it is actually a combination of vaccines in one injection that will protect your pet from several serious diseases.

  • Bordetalla - Intranasally (nose drops) required every 6 months given at least 10 days prior to planned visits, injection under the skin (subcutaneous injection) required Yearly given 10 days prior to check-in.

    Bordetella bronchiseptica is a bacterium that causes respiratory disease in dogs. It is one of the most common bacterial causes of canine infectious tracheobronchitis, which is also sometimes called kennel cough. Bordetella is highly contagious, easily transmitted through direct contact or the air, and resistant to destruction in the environment. While not considered to be core, Bordetella vaccination may be recommended for dogs whose lifestyle places them at greater risk of contracting the disease. This includes dogs that are boarded frequently or that regularly visit grooming parlors or dog parks. Based on your dog’s risk for exposure, your veterinarian may recommend vaccinating your dog against Bordetella in addition to administering the canine distemper combination vaccine.

Required Vaccinations

Vaccination Policy